Probiotics, have demonstrated tremendous health benefits, especially in supporting digestive and immune system health which is essential for weight loss.  As scientists continue to discover the many benefits of probiotics, they are now finding that probiotics are demonstrating to be an important part of a successful weight loss plan.

Understanding Probiotics

Our digestive tract is loaded with bacteria, an estimated 3 to 5 pounds of bacteria.  In fact, it is estimated that a healthy digestive tract contains over 100 trillion bacteria; that means there are more bacteria in the digestive tract than there are cells in your entire body!

For years, doctors and scientists paid little attention to probiotics, especially the role they played in ensuring health and normal function.  Then, as we learned more about the immune system, we learned that these bacteria, once thought to be either harmful or used to help digest our food, are essential for our health.  Over 200 studies have demonstrated that an inadequate level of probiotics is linked to over 170 diseases and health conditions – including obesity and weight loss.

Probiotics for Weight Lossprobiotics for weight loss

There are several different forms of probiotics, one of these helpful bacteria is called H. pylori.  H. pylori interact with two hormones directly related to weight loss, ghrelin and leptin.  Research from Washington University recently demonstrated that these two hormones, both responsible for sending hunger signals to the brain, do not function properly when inadequate levels of probiotics are present in the body.

Unfortunately, this condition seems to be directly correlated to the overuse of antibiotics in developed countries, especially those countries found in North America and Europe.  The result of this overuse of antibiotics is a decreased level of probiotics, especially H. pylori, in the body; this decreased level of probiotics results in a decrease in leptin production, which increases the urge to overeat.  Fortunately, supplementing with probiotics stabilize hormone production in the body, ghrelin and leptin levels return to normal levels; this increases the body’s ability to lose weight.

Other studies exploring the effect probiotic supplements have on weight loss have demonstrating promising results, including:

  • Researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine found that supplementing with probiotics after gastric bypass for three months resulted in patients losing nearly 15% more weight than non-probiotic users.
  • Another study demonstrated that women who supplement with probiotics for one year after giving birth had nearly 25% less belly fat than women who did not supplement with probiotics.

Probiotics also profoundly influence how your body digests food.  Low levels of probiotics, especially below the recommended ratio of 85:15 good to bad bacteria, has demonstrated significantly decreased motivation and energy production; thus affecting your ability to effectively lose weight.

Probiotics Supplements for Weight Lossopen doors nutrition daily pro blend probiotic supplements

Probiotic supplements provide between 10 and 250 billion live culture units of helpful bacteria per serving.  Supplementing with probiotics has demonstrated a significant influence on the production of your body’s fat burning hormones, ghrelin and leptin, making probiotics essential for weight loss and good health.

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